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WE ARE SERIES - May/June 2021

A series designed to help the followers of Christ understand all that we are in Christ.

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HABAKKUK - July/September 2021

Habakkuk helps us to understand the complex problem of evil in the world.

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TITUS - June/July 2021

Titus helps us better understand how the gospel transforms us for God's glory.

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JOSEPH - October/November 2021

ADVENT - The Waiting Room

Hebrews - Let Us

The story of Joseph helps us see God's Sovereignty in the midst of our suffering.

A study of the true story of Christ's birth during Advent and what it means for us!

Watch this sermon for a topical study on the richness of scriptures in Hebrews. 

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Belong - Homecoming Sermon.001.jpeg

Mark - January/September 2022

Belong: Homecoming

Because He Lives - Easter Series

The good news of how God kept his promise, through Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

A 2-week study revealing our new, transformed life in Christ that comes Because He Lives.

The importance of the local church, the pillars that make it up, and how we can Belong to it.

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The Meaning of Life

JONAH - September/October 2022

Andrew Toney points us to Ecclesiastes 2 and the way we are to live a life for God's glory. 

A study of a GREAT GOD who goes to GREAT LENGTHS to extend his GREAT MERCY. 

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The Church - October/November 2022

A closer look at the body of the church to ensure we are being all that God called us to be.


Songs of Advent - 2022

A look at the songs of Advent that lead us to the truth that God has brought his great salvation to all through the birth of Christ.

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The First & Last King - Easter 2023

See in this Easter sermon how the Bible essentially tells one glorious, unified story with the idea of a king at its center.

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New Year's 2023

A study into Colossians 3 to see what our response should be following the Christmas season and how we should seek to live in a new year.

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I AM Series - Summer 2023

Follow through this series of the 7 I AM statements of Jesus as we seek to deepen our devotion, understanding, & commitment to Jesus Christ, the King. 

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Faithful: 1&2 Samuel - January 2023

A series magnifying the faithfulness of our God to his plan and his people in spite of our continual rejection of him. 

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Jesus is Better - August/November 2023

A walk through the book of Hebrews that will strengthen both our knowledge of and trust in Jesus, revealing him to be the truer and better that we should follow with our lives.

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Comfort & Joy - 2023

Christmas & Advent are meant to remind us of God’s great gift of himself. In Christ, we see the greatest expression of God’s hope, peace, joy, and love.

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Communion: Lord's Supper

What is communion? Why do we celebrate and do the Lord's Supper? These are questions that we look at in this sermon as we seek to better understand why we do this important practice and how we can do it correctly. 

Jordan Sermon 01_07_24.001.jpeg

New Year's 2024

Why is the Word of God so important to all we do and all we are about? How can we make it central to our very lives? Join us in this study of Psalm 119 as we seek to see and understand our need for the Word in 2024 & beyond. 

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Genesis Series - January/April 2024

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A New Beginning - Easter 2024

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Surrender Series - May 2024

The book of Genesis is the most foundational book in all of Scripture. From it, we receive truth and answers to life’s most fundamental questions. Perhaps the biggest question is this: Will we accept or reject?

Join us in this Easter sermon as we see the climax of all creation and the story God is telling in all of Scripture. From the beginning to the end, God was ever faithful!

The hope of this series is to examine our faithfulness to a faithful God. Have we, and are we daily surrendering all we have and are to God’s glory & purpose?


Faith Works: James - Summer 2024

The hope and purpose of this series is to provide wisdom for how a life of faith is expressed & lived. How we live truly does matter. This is what James provides great wisdom for in his letter to the church.

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