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WE ARE SERIES - May/June 2021

A series designed to help the followers of Christ understand all that we are in Christ.

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HABAKKUK - July/September 2021

Habakkuk helps us to understand the complex problem of evil in the world.

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ADVENT - The Waiting Room

Journey with us as we study the true story of Christ's birth during Advent and what it means for us!

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The Gospel of Mark

Mark's Gospel shares the good news of how God kept his promise, through Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

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TITUS - June/July 2021

Titus helps us better understand how the gospel transforms us for God's glory.


JOSEPH - October/November 2021

The story of Joseph helps us see God's Sovereignty in the midst of our suffering.

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Hebrews - Let Us

Watch this sermon for a topical study on the richness of scriptures in Hebrews. 


Because He Lives - Easter Series

A 2-week Easter study revealing our new, transformed life in Christ that comes Because He Lives.

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Belong: Homecoming 2022

A helpful reminder for us to see the importance of the local church and how we can Belong to it.